Handmade soap that is good for you, good for endangered animals, and good for the Earth. 50% of profits are donated to endangered animal charities around the world.

  • Good for You

    Nourishing soap, made using traditional cold-process methods to ensure they are mild on the skin and ph balanced. Each soap has a unique scent to relax, awaken or rejuvenate.

  • Good for Animals

    Each bar is inspired by a particular endangered animal for smell, look and qualities of the soap when used. 50% of profits are donated towards a charity, each dedicated to the survival of the species. They are all completely vegan, made up largely of plant-based oils and minerals.

  • Good for the Earth

    Preservative and palm oil-free, made with blends of essential and fragrance oils. We know that what’s going into the bar to make it, and leaving the bar when used has the environment’s best interests in mind.


Handmade soaps with ingredients from nature. Shop the 9 different varieties, each one inspired by a different endangered animal.

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Keep your soap bar fresh and long-lasting with these beautiful accessories. Handmade travel soap pouches and wooden slatted dishes.

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Gift Packs & Wedding Favours

Get a taste of each of the 9 soap varieties with a sample pack, complete with calico gift bag, or give special thanks to your wedding guests with custom soap favours.

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Meet the Maker

Wild about conservation and good soap.

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$10,794 AUD

...and counting. Donated among ten different endangered animal charities.